Support Jordan
Jordan is turning 26 today!
Awesome news! Jordan is officially off parole!!!!!!

Jordan’s been out of prison for a year today!! 
Remember he & other political prisoners still need support!
You can follow him on twitter (@xacrox) or tumblr ( let him know you still support him!

To whom it may concern,

We all know how hard it is for recently released prisoners to get back up on there feet. Jordan Halliday has created a new podcast recently and has started a kickstarter to try to get better microphones as well as expand the podcast to be a full network that everyone in the community could take part in. He needs help spreading the word but hates asking for help. So we decided to ask around for help in his behalf. Please consider donating to his new podcast kickstarter. They only have just a few days left and as of right now are looking at failing. Please help spread the word. They are offering lots of awesome rewards packages. Click here and please back:
Thank you,
The Jordan Halliday Support Committee

Jordan Halliday’s podcast needs funding. They launched a kickstarter today! Check it out, lots of awesome rewards and even an early bird reward:

Hey!, you should all follow Jordan’s tumblr and his podcast too! You can look for it on itunes here so you can subscribe.


Hey, you all should follow Jordan’s newly resurrected Tumblr! :)

Hey, you all should follow Jordan’s newly resurrected Tumblr! :)


It’s Jordan’s 25th birthday tomorrow, don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!!! —-> @xacrox !

Hello friends,
I just wanted to express my gratitude towards all of you who have supported me and shown continued solidarity through all of this mess.
I wanted to say thank you for all the letters and books I received while I was in prison. 
I’ll never be able to express in words how important those letters and books were to me.
I am still readjusting to “free” life, outside of prison. But, slowly getting back into the groove of life.
As I have expressed countless times [], we need to know our rights and read up on the grand jury system and how it is used as a tool for political repression. It is only a matter of when, not if, someone in our communities will be effected by a grand jury subpoena.
Recently the FBI has conducted a series of raids and subpoenaed many radical individuals in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland.
This shows that my case is not an isolated incident and it can and will happen more in the future. 
While I am celebrating my release from prison. Please, keep other political prisoners in mind.
Thank you all again,
Jordan Halliday